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What is team racing?

Nutgrove Team Racing Series

We do a lot of other sailing.  These notes are about the competitive sailing we do as school teams.

Team racing is St Virgil’s forte.  We held the State Title for secondary schools – 2009

Team racing consists of two teams, each with three identical boats.  There is a Helm and Crew in each boat.

They sail a short course, usually two laps of a triangle. The race lasts about 8 – 10 mins. During the Nutgrove Series, three races are sailed within the halve hour event – conditions permitting.

First over the finish gets 1 pt,  2nd gets 2 pts and so on.  The team whose places add up to 10pts or less, wins the race.

There are various combinations of places that win.  The Team has to be watching these possible patterns closely.

A Grade Team racers have intuitive boat handling skills,  a thorough knowledge of the rules of Team Racing and the ability to create situations, within those rules to disadvantage the other team.  Unfortunately, the other team is trying to do the same.  It can be an exciting spectator sport for those who have some knowledge of the rules and tactics.  And what can be exciting for one group can be grief causing for others.

Some more recent shots of SVC in action are here.

A good explanation of Team Racing is here.

Who Can Sail?

Only experienced helms can helm.  Could be A, B or C level experience.

Newcomers can crew in C Div provided they have demonstrated some ability at Austins Ferry sessions.  Newcomers would be unlikely to crew at A Div level.

Newcomers are not allowed to watch this YouTube clip!

Where and When

Sandy Bay Sailing Club. At the end of Long Point Rd.,  Sandy Bay.

Starts Tuesday (Term 1. 6 Weeks before the end of Daylight Saving; or Term 3, after the start of Daylight saving.)

Finishes: 6 weeks later.


  • B Div sails Tuesday.
  • A Div sails Wednesday.
  • C Div sails Tues or Wed.

In Term 3 2011, St Virgils A Team was undefeated in 18 races over six evenings.

The C Div Gold Team won its Division.


All Term 1 sailing, Nutgrove Series and/or Austins Ferry,  $60.


Rain does not stop sailing – wind will.

If ‘Strong Winds’ or ‘Gale Force’ winds are forecast for the Derwent Estuary, sailing will probably be cancelled.

Cancellations are usually made before students leave school.  They can catch their usual bus home.

Rarely they have to be made during races.

Parents and boys need to have PLAN B in place for getting home in the event of a cancellation.

The rostered race can start as early as 4:15, or as late as 6:30pm.

Rostered times are when the starter gives the signal.  The race has actually started two mins before then.  So boys need to be present well before the Start Time – 15-20 mins. Before the race they need to calm Br Peter’s nerves who has been worrying that they will be late.  They need to change and be ready to receive the boats from the previous racing teams, give them a quick check, and sail out the the Start.


A College mini bus will normally get the boys down for a 4:15 start.

A College Metro bus goes past Long Point Rd and other boys can travel on that.

Parents are responsible for the collection of their sons after the events.

Associated matters

  • There may be no supervision available until 15-20 mins before an event.  The College is reluctant to have boys unsupervised at Sandy Bay for extended periods before their start time.

  • Sandy Bay Rd and the City can be a real traffic mess 4:30pm – 6pm.  You are asked to take that, and Br Peter’s worry beads,  into account when planning your trip. But stuff happens!

  • Br Peter’s worry beads, or those of a team manager, get another workout work out when a boy departs with his parents and has not checked out with the the Team Manager.

Team Racing on U Tube  (I searched for “Team Racing Sailing.”)

Queensland Titles: Tactics One & Tactics Two