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Cricket Information

One of the cornerstones of sport at St Virgil’s since 1911 has been cricket. Over recent years the number of teams has increased greatly and SVC is now recognised by the Tasmanian Cricket Association as the leading school in Tasmania for cricket participation. The College has seen a number of very talented cricketers pass through the grades the most recent being Michael Di Venuto who toured South Africa with the Australian One Day Team in 1997 and was captain of the Australian Super 8’s team in Malaysia and Sean Clingeleffer who was a former Tasmanian wicketkeeper and made a century in Tasmania’s first Sheffield Shield win.

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Level of Participation

The College fields sides in Grade 7 to 10 of the High Schools competition conducted by the Southern SATIS on Monday (7&8) and Wednesday (9&10) nights in Terms 1 and 4 competing in a 20/20 competition. The 1st XI also tours Victoria in December each year.

In Term 1, the College runs a ‘Development programme’ for Grade 7 and 8 students on Monday nights. 


Apart from clothing, boys are not required to provide any equipment as the College supplies a kit for each team. It is always advantageous, however, if students have some of their own gear especially a protector and helmet.

A team will not be entered into a roster unless there is a parent or adult supervisor nominated for the team. This person need not necessarily be the coach but this is often the best situation. Team coaches are required and parents interested are asked to contact the Director of Sport.

Teams also require an umpire and a scorer.


St Virgil’s teams represent the College in the traditional cricket whites ( trousers, socks, and jumper) with the SVC cricket shirt or SVC polo shirt, white sandshoes and either the College cap or white, broad-rimmed floppy hat (Greg Chappell / Allan Border style).


2017 Cricket Development Programme 

As an introduction to cricket at St Virgil’s College, a development programme will be conducted in Term 1. The programme is skills and games based and will cater for boys of varying experience levels and will feature skills activities, internal games and games against The Hutchins School.


The programme will culminate on Saturday March 25 with two matches against The Hutchins School. Teams for these games will be picked from players who attend all sessions (or notify an apology), always try their best, demonstrate the spirit of cricket, whilst performing well in game situations.


Teams for all games will be posted on the College’s Sport Website –


 2017  Cricket  Development  Programme  Overview  

Monday  February  20     Session:     Skill  drills  and  Testing    

Time:         3.30  pm-­‐‑5.00  pm    

Location:       JPC  Oval  and  Nets    

Uniform:     Sport  Uniform     Gear:         Cricket  Bag.  Boys  to  leave  bags  under  stairs  in  gym    

Transport:       A  bus  will  run  into  the  City  or   Parents  to  collect  boys  from  JPC  Oval  at  5.00  pm        


Monday  February  27   Session:   Games  v  Hutchins  (2  teams)  –  teams  will  be  on  Sport   Website,  February  22.  If  excess  internal  game  at  SVC.    

Time:         3.30  pm-­‐‑6.30  pm    

Location:       Hutchins  and  Main  Oval          

SVC  1  v  Hutchins  1  @  Hutchins  (Turf)        

SVC  2  v  Hutchins  2  @  Hutchins    

Game  3  -­‐‑  SVC  Green  v  SVC  Blue  @  JPC  Main  Oval    

Uniform:     Sport  Uniform  –  whites  optional      

Gear:         Cricket  Bag*    

Transport     College  Bus  to  Hutchins  at  3.15  pm-­‐‑  Parents  collect  boys   from  Hutchins/Main  Oval  at  6.30  pm      


Monday  March  6   Session:   Games  v  Hutchins  and  Internal  Games  –  teams  will  be  on   Sport  Website,  March  10    

Time:         3.30  pm-­‐‑6.30  pm    

Location:       Hutchins  and  Main  Oval          

 SVC  1  v  Hutchins  1  @  Hutchins  (Turf)        

SVC  2  v  Hutchins  2  @  Hutchins    

Game  3  -­‐‑  SVC  Green  v  SVC  Blue  @  SVC  Main  Oval        

Uniform:     Sport  Uniform  –  whites  optional      

Gear:         Cricket  Bag*    

Transport     College  Bus  to  Hutchins  at  3.15  pm-­‐‑  Parents  collect  boys   from  Hutchins/Main  Oval  at  6.30  pm


Monday  March  13        No  session  due  to  Labour  Day  Long  Weekend      


Monday  March  20     Session:     Internal  Games    

Time:         3.30  pm-­‐‑6.30  pm    

Location:       JPC  Oval  and  Main  Oval      

SVC  Green  v  SVC  1  @  JPC  Oval  

SVC  Blue  v  SVC  2  @  Main  Oval    

Uniform:     Sport  Uniform    

Gear:         Cricket  Bag.  Boys  to  leave  bags  under  stairs  in  gym    

Transport       A  bus  will  run  into  the  City  or   Parents  to  collect  boys  from  JPC  Oval  at  6.30  pm      


Saturday  March  25       Session:   Games  v  Hutchins  –  teams  will  be  on  Sport  Website,   March  17.

 Teams  selected  from  leading   participants/performers  in  lead  up  games.     Time:         9  am  –  2  pm  (40  overs  per  side)    

Location:       Hutchins          

SVC  1  v  Hutchins  1  @  Hutchins  (Turf)        

SVC  2  v  Hutchins  2  @  Hutchins  Barrie  Irons  Oval              

Uniform:   Cricket  whites  with  SVC  polo  shirt  and  cap    

Gear:         Cricket  Bag*  

Transport     Parents  to  transport  players  to  Hutchins  by  8.30  am  and   collect  at  2  pm.    

Catering:   Sausage  sizzle  luncheon.  BYO  snacks/drinks      

If  games  are  cancelled  due  to  wet  weather  a  notice  will  be  placed  on  the  front  page  of   the  SVC  website  by  7.30am  and  communicated  via  SVC   Facebook  and  Twitter      

Please  refer   to  the   Sport  Website  for  more  details   –    or        

Email  Mr  Waddington  –     


Term 1 Grade 9&10 Cricket 

The roster for schools is conducted by SATIS  on Wednesday nights at schools around Hobart.

The roster is a 20/20 over format.


The College co-curricular levy covers the cost of participation in school competition fixtures.