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Around The Grounds – Week 8B

Grade 7 Basketball

SVC Gold vs. SVC Green

Tuesday afternoon saw an intense match between SVC Gold and SVC Green. Both teams displayed great teamwork and good spirit as they cheered on their friends. Sam Hutchesson (SVC Green) thrilled with a 3-pointer in the second half, whilst Shayden Jones (SVC Gold) impressed with his tenacity on the court.

Final Score: SVC Gold 20 def. SVC Green 16

SVC Blue vs. BYE


Grade 8 Basketball

SVC Gold vs. Hutchins

With a depleted team and no substitutions, SVC Gold still managed to secure a victory against old rivals Hutchins. Some excellent ball movement and fantastic work on the boards kept SVC in the game early. Clutch late game shooting edged the score in SVC’s favour, and the boys maintained the lead right till the end. Ben Anning and Kaleb Devine lead the way with their scoring, whilst Zac Merse provided some long range assistance. Connor Brown and Ronan Mosenthal played their role as defenders and provided the energy to get the win.

Final Score: SVC 47 def. HUT 40

SVC Blue vs. BYE


Grade 9 Basketball

SVC vs. Forfeit


Grade 10 Basketball


Final Score: SVC 44 def. SHC 50